To suit 50mm NB Galvanised Steel Poles and Aluminium Poles

Designed to suit 50mm NB Galvanised Steel Poles and Aluminium Poles, Signfix 50mm NB Ground sleeves are extruded from high strength marine grade alloy. This alloy has excellent resistance to corrosion and over the years has proved to work well with both aluminium and galvanised steel poles.

Standard sleeve lengths:

SLV060: 50mm NB 300, 400, 450 & 600mm lengths. Custom lengths available on request.


SLVWEDGE: Standard Wedge zinc plated
SECWEDGE: Security Wedge zinc plated
SLVRMTOOL: Security Removal Tool

Sleeves are designed to be fitted with either a standard wedge, or a security wedge requiring a removal tool, both standard and security wedges allow sleeves to be installed flush at ground level.

Sleeves can be supplied with an M10 tapped hole located 15mm below the sleeve top, to fit either an M10 hex bolt or a Trilobular security set screw. This option is ideal for securing PVC poles and in this instance it’s recommended sleeves are placed 30mm above ground level.

Features include:

The external shape ensures sleeves will not rotate when set in concrete.

Internal dimensions of all sleeves are designed to be a snug fit with the pole.

Sleeves are fitted with PVC end caps to prevent concrete entering the sleeve during installation.